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Auckland COVID Update 


As of This Friday the 3rd of December, it is goodbye to level 3.2 and hello red traffic lights.

What does this mean for visits to the vets?

  1. Only clients that are fully vaccinated and have a “my vaccine pass” will be able to come into the clinic.
  2. Masks must be worn at all times while visiting the clinic.
  3. You will be allowed to be present during consultations, although only one client per patient.
  4. You need to maintain one-metre distance from other clients and staff.
  5. Please continue to scan the Covid tracer App.

These new rules will please some and not others. If you do not have a “my vaccine pass” please do not take out your frustration on staff. After all, they are not responsible for making these rules so giving them a hard time over it is completely unacceptable.

What if I don’t have a “my vaccine pass”?

The good news is everyone’s pet will still get treatment regardless. If you cannot scan a pass on the tablet at reception (either on your phone or printed) we can still see your pet in a contactless way as we are currently doing.

When an appointment is made, the receptionist will advise you that you will need to scan your my vaccine pass on arrival. If you let them know at this point, that you cannot do this, we will arrange a contactless consult as we did under level 3 and 4. You should not come into the clinic.

If for any reason you don’t wish to come into the clinic you are welcome to continue to have contactless consults. Just let us know when making an appointment.

I appreciate this is yet another set of protocols to follow and it may take a bit of getting used to. Remember it is also new for us so we also may take time to perfect things.

It is very hard to make blanket rules that suit all situations. If you are the only person at the clinic things are very different to having ten people at the clinic. If a staff member asks you to wait outside or to stand in the corner of the room please don’t take offense.

People’s response to Covid is highly variable, some don’t believe it even exists through to people who are petrified of catching it. Our job at the clinic is to provide an environment where all clients and staff feel safe and looked after.

I must admit I am looking forward to a few more face-to-face chats in the consult room even if we do have to wear masks.

Kind regards

Lance Eastman and all the team.