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Click on the link below to view a PDF document of what you and your pup will learn over the comprehensive five week training course.

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Puppy Classes & Behavioural Training

The clinic offers puppy training and socialisation classes run by Sindy Turner Sindy also does one on one training classes and can help with behavioural problems in young and older dogs.


Meet Sindy

sindy_web.jpgMy aim is to teach dog owners how to see the world from their dog's point of view and to understand how the dog's mind works.  The more you learn about dog psychology, the better you will be able to connect, train and enjoy your canine companion.

I will teach you how to gain the respect of the dog that he/she would naturally give to its pack leader in the wild.  Dogs need a calm, assertive and confident pack leader who will make all the rules and set all the boundaries.

Teaching people to understand that their dog is not a four-legged human in a fur onsie, and that it does not have any human emotions is the hard part of what I do.  Obedience training is the fun part.

I work with dogs every day and bring 25 years experience to every training session and every private consultation.

I have the ability to see the world from your dog's point of view and my powerfully positive methods achieve results.

I use a pack-orientated philosophy.

My services are recommended by breeders, pet shops and veterinary clinics throughout the Auckland area and the majority of my clients come to me through referrals".

"If you have a new pup I would strongly recommend attending Sindy's puppy school. I took my dog Breeze when she was a pup and not only did she love it but I learn't a great deal".