COVID - 19

Level-2.5/2.0 government covid-19 restrictions.  The following conditions will exist as part of running Blockhouse Bay Vet Centre over upcoming weeks under the new level-2.5/2.0 rules.

1)      Access into the clinic by clients under Level 2.5 will start MONDAY AUGUST 31st 

2)      Clinic hours will from Monday August 31st will be 8.00am – 6.00pm Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 2.00pm Saturday.

3)      Access into the clinic at level 2.5 allows the reception area to be open to the public but there will be limited seating to allow social distancing.

4)      If you are unwell or showing cold/flu symptoms you should not enter the clinic.  We suggest that you delay non-essential visits and make alternate arrangements for the collection of supplies and medication until you feel better.

5)      Entry into the clinic and consult room visits with the vets will require you to wear a face covering/mask.  If you do not wish to wear a face covering then you will be asked to remain out in the carpark and we will bring your pet into the consult room and manage you as a level-3 patient.

6)      Entry into the clinic will be restricted to one person per pet or per collection of supplies.  Please don't turn up in large groups and expect to all be allowed into the consult room as this does not allow social distancing requirements to be met.

7)      Level 2.5 = Level 2.0 in regards to the clinic management and client expectations.


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