COVID - 19

Due to Level-4 government restrictions placed upon the country on March 25th, the following conditions will exist as part of maintaining a veterinary service through these upcoming weeks.

1)  The clinic is open as we are an essential service but will running on reduced staff and reduced hours for at least the next 4 weeks.  Weekdays 8am - 5pm, Saturday 8.30am - 2pm.  This is to allow the running of split shifts/teams to limit staff onsite at any one time, as required by the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) operating rules.

2)  No members of the public are allowed to enter the clinic.  Staff in protective attire will collect your pets from the carpark and transport them into the clinic for treatment, or deliver medications outside to your car.  Please, when you arrive at the clinic, stay in your car, follow the instructions on the sign at the bottom of the steps and DO NOT WALK UP TO THE FRONT DOOR.

3) The clinic is open for EMERGENCIES ONLY and collections of medications and supplies. No elective procedures, routine surgery, and non-essential visits will be allowed to come to the clinic.

4) All case enquiries will involve the nurses or vets triaging the case prior to booking a visit.  For many this will involve you emailing evidence of the issue, or discussing the case with a vet, for us to then be able to justify to MPI as to why you are allowed to come to the clinic with your pet.  Please be honest with what you are telling us.  Failure to comply with MPI rules will result in the entire clinic being shut down, and they will audit us during the lockdown.

5)  Some cases will involve advice around at-home treatment and medication collection from the clinic rather than us physically seeing your pet.  We are under direct instruction to only physically see those patients for which this type of non-contact treatment option cannot be applied to.

6)  Clients requesting emergency care for their pet will still have to answer questions relating to travel overseas in the last 14 days, those in self isolation, those in direct contact with persons returned from overseas or in isolation, those in contact with community-spread Covid-19 cases, and those who have any form of illness.  Again please be honest with your answers.

7)  As a result of additional triage work, the phone lines will be busy.  Please be patient. Feel free to use email ( but again please be patient in respect to getting a reply. 

8)  There will be no house-calls or off-site travel to see cases by the clinic staff during the level-4 lockdown.

9)  Unfortunately in cases involving euthanasia, clients will not be able to enter the clinic to be present when their pet is put to sleep.  This is a tough situation and one we would rather not have to do, but the rules we are now working under make it not possible for owners to be present when their pet undergoes euthanasia.  We are very sorry to those families that this rule may affect during the lockdown.

10)  Please be patient.  This is an event on a global scale that the world has not seen in over 100yrs.  We will try to assist you the best we can but we have to protect both ourselves, other clients and the long-term survival of the clinic.


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