COVID - 19

Level-2 government covid-19 restrictions.  The following conditions will exist as part of running Blockhouse Bay Vet Centre over upcoming weeks under the new level-2 rules.

1)      Access into the clinic by clients under Level 2 will start MONDAY MAY 18th

2)      Clinic hours will from Monday 18th will be 8.00am – 6.00pm Monday – Friday, 8.30am – 2.00pm Saturday.

3)      Access into the clinic at level 2 has to be restricted to a one in one out basis.  The reception area is too small to maintain appropriate social distancing requirements without this restriction.  No seating will be present in the waiting room so as to maintain social distancing.

4)      When you arrive at the clinic under level 2, you will still have to call the clinic number (6263456) and follow the directions on the sign out front.  If the clinic reception area is clear you will be asked to come in.  If the reception is busy with another client and their pets, you will be asked to wait in your car and a staff member will call you in when it is your turn.  This applies to appointments with the vet, surgical admissions/discharges, and collection of medications, food, flea/worm etc. 

5)      Do not just walk on in the front door without first calling to announce your arrival.

6)      In order to maintain social distancing requirements, we will be limiting all consults to one person per household allowed in with each pet, or to collect supplies.  Multiple persons or family groups are not allowed into the clinic or consult room together.  If you have multiple persons having to come to the vet clinic, only one will be allowed in and the rest must stay in the car or outside away from other clients. 

7)      A table will be located in front of reception with the eftpos machine on it for payments.  This is to maintain distance between the public and the staff member at reception assisting or taking payment. 

8)      We would still encourage the use of card payment, especially paywave, over cash at level-2.

9)      Phoning or emailing in to order your repeat prescriptions, food, flea, worming, and treat requirements is required so that they can be ready when you arrive.  This will speed up collection and reduce waiting times for those in the carpark.

10)      All purchases have to be logged in under client details to allow contract tracing to occur.  It might be just a worm tablet but we still have to record the purchase under your name so we can log when you came and collected it.  CONTACT TRACING IS A GOVERNMENT REQUIREMENT not a marketing tool here at the clinic.

11)      Alcohol hand sanitiser will be stationed at the eftpos machine area.  Clients are requested to use this after each transaction before leaving the clinic.  Staff will clean the eftpos terminal, door handles and ramp rails throughout the day so don't be alarmed if they appear shiny or wet.

12)      Please be patient.  A lot of you have been waiting for visits to be allowed under level 2 and there is a backlog of work that we will endeavour to get through.  We however cannot see everyone on the same day. Relax, be flexible and we will see you when we can.


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