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We have appointment available from 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 8.30am to 2.00pm. We have three consulting rooms so can have more than one vet seeing clients during the busy times. This along with having appointments available all day means a vet can usually see you promptly and at a time convenient to you.


We can offer advice on what protection your dog, cat or rabbit requires and come up with a vaccination program to suit them.  We align our vaccine protocols with current WASAVA guidlines.

Wellness Programs & Health Checks

We are not only interested in treating your pet when it is sick but providing check ups to detect problems early to help keep them healthy.


We can microchip your pet in a matter of minutes. This will help if they get lost or have an accident and is a requirement of the council for all newly registered dogs.


We have full xray facilities on site including a digital xray processor which enables us to get fast high quality xrays.

Laboratory Tests

We have a biochemistry blood analyser in the clinic which enables us to get rapid results for sick animals. We are also able to check patients kidney and liver function before they have surgery. We can offer a full range of laboratory tests with the use of our local lab.


We have a well equipped surgical theatre and experienced surgeons enabling us to offer a wide range of surgical procedures from routine desexing to more complex orthopaedic surgery.


Looking after your pets teeth is important to us. We can offer advice on what you can do to look after yours pets teeth, such as brushing, dental chews, and dental biscuits.
If you pet requires teeth cleaning or extractions we have a well equipped dental unit with ultrasonic scaler, polisher and dental drill as well as digital dental radiography.


The clinic has a comfortable air-conditioned hospital room to keep patients while they recover from surgery or illness.

Our greatest asset by far is our staff. They are well trained, experienced and a wealth of knowledge on everything to do with caring for your pet.