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June 02, 2015 at 11:27 AM

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Posted by Gordon Davidson on
Put one of those buckets on your dog and you'll need new shins.
Posted by Malam on
Hello Lance,

D'Arcy here...

Please could you let The Breeze know that all of us sure love reading her column...and tell her I'm pleased that her legs are much better now! Doggone it - imagine the poor thing having to give up her if putting strings and things put in her legs wasn't pain enough!

Sometimes MY mum takes my ball and hides it in the room where the clothes get tossed into water - she actually thinks i don't know this is where she hides it! When i make it obvious that i know where it's hidden - you know...circling, staring up at the high spot where she's buried it...sometimes I even resort to begging...well that's when my OTHER human asks what i am after and goes to look! (I've got him wrapped around my little claw!) But Mum warns him off smartly and says - "he just wants his 'round, red bouncy thing!' She always resorts to this strange language when she's talking to fellow humans about it in my presence - and doesn't think I know what she's on about! Anyone would think I had a bird brain!

Ah well - thank you for making me feel my old self again - no more fleas for me; and the horrible itchies have gotten much better as well....I get a much better night's sleep!

Lots of Licks for The Breeze from me...

Mr D'Arcy
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