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November 27, 2014 at 8:37 AM

Our Summer newsletter is now out.

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Posted by Ebony on
Dear Radish,
I loved reading your column but sooo wished I could have been there to guide you sooner. You clearly need the help of those who have been around longer than you.
Biting must only be used in life threatening situations. As you have learned, this brings out the worst side of our servants and calls into question their commitment to care for us.
The Key is PERSISTENCE. As you noted our servants like their sleep so you need to find something that will disturb their sleep and keep at it. My favourite is to pawing at the door - up on my hindlegs and going as fast as I can as if I am digging a hole. The servants are so dedicated to their sleep that eventually they give in and open the door.
My servants have a book "100 ways for a Cat to train its Human” (another word for servant but doesn't indicate their true role). Next time I may send you some more tips.
Regards Your Fellow Feline, Ebony
Posted by Pamela Oroumiyeh on
Dear Vets,
Thank you for the newsletter. I have missed it.
The writers certainly have interesting facts to pass on to us, as well as gorgeous photographs.
Good luck with the running and cycling.
All the best,
Posted by tamara on
Hi Breeze
Can you please stop hurting your ligaments?!!
lots of love from your old golden friend - Ben
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