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September 01, 2013 at 3:04 PM

Our Spring Newsletter is now out.

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Posted by caroline campbell on
Welcome back.Well done Jacqueline.cellphones should be banned or at least be put on silent.we have just this very same thing in our medical centre last week.Lance check out the blackboard photo I sent in 2 weeks ago of Khapera weight loss( not)and photo.Still not losing despite down to half a cup of bikkies at geoffs request.I will bring him in soon for a review.Caroline
Posted by The Haydons on
Yes! Definitely make the Clinic a No Phubbing Zone. Can't believe anyone would be so rude, not to mention totally disregarding the purpose for visiting you in the first place! Also, many thanks for putting in a photo of a stick injury - it definitely brought home just what can happen.
Posted by Jo Davidson on
Hi to the Team at BBv thank you once again for a great news letter always informative & i love the hummour.Thanks once again for the great care my Lucy & Ollie receive.
Very sorry to hear of rude clients answering mobiles during consultations.It would appear the person on the other end of the phone was more important than the Vet in the consultation room. Also extremely rude when a mobile rings in the waiting room.
May be as in my Doctors surgery there is a notice up ,PLEASE TURN YOUR MOBILE PHONE OFF WHEN ARRIVING IN OUR WAITING ROOM.
When I had my business a sales rep came to show & to sell us some umbrellas,we were sitting in the showroom,& his mobile rang of which he answered and had a lengthy conversation,so i got up & went back to my office.
When Chris had finished his call he came looking for me.
He was rather surprised when i said sorry Chris you have used up my time i had allocated for our appt, talking on your mobile to someone that was obviously more important than showing me your product. You will need to make another time.
Also Chris dont ever come to our appt with your mobile turned on. He thanked me as he had never thought of the issue as being inappropriate.
Posted by nancy on
I laughed hard at the pic of cat head stuck in jar. lol. sorry its bad!
I wonder if a cat will eventually get suffocated when this kinda incident happens and nobody sees and offer helps straight away?
Posted by Claire Smith - vulcan's mum on
Totally agree - make the consult and waiting rooms cellphone free zones. Can understand when calls are urgent (very rarely) otherwise it is disrespectful to your time and those customers who have to overhear it.
You guys do an awesome job
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