New Urine Analyser for Clinic

September 11, 2012 at 11:12 AM

To treat a sick patient it is important to know what is wrong with them
and the faster you can find out the sooner you can start the correct
treatment. We have had a blood analyser in the clinic capable of giving
us accurate biochemisty results in as little as ten minutes, for the last fiveurine_machine.jpg
We have just purchased a urinalysis machine that should also be of great
help to our patients. When testing urine the old way we put urine on a
dip stick and read the colour change off a chart on the side of the bottle.
This is very subjective and not very accurate . Our new machine gives us an accurate quantitative
reading for each parameter.
It also will do a very useful test to monitor kidney function that we could not do at the clinic before.
We will be able to offer this test at a cheaper rate than before when we had to use the external lab.

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