Flea Facts & Advocate Special

September 11, 2012 at 11:24 AM

ScratchingPuppy.jpgFlea Facts

1 There are some 2300 different species of fleas including Ctneocephalides
felis the cat flea and Ctencephalides canis the dog flea. It is
more common to find the cat flea on dogs than the dog flea.
2 A flea population will be made up of 5% adults, 10% pupae, 35% larvae
and 50% eggs.
3 A female flea can lay 45 eggs per day and can lay 1000 eggs in her
life time.
4 A flea can jump the height of 150 times its own length.
5 Fleas have no wings but have six legs.
6 Fleas feed on blood, they can suck so much blood from kittens and puppies that they cause anaemia
which if severe can result in death.
7 The saliva of a flea can act as an allergen causing allergic reactions in people and pets.


Has that got you feeling itchy yet? As you can see it is important that fleas
never get a chance to breed as one flea could contaminate your house with
potentially 1000 or more new fleas.



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