Autumn 2016 Newsletter

February 29, 2016 at 3:28 PM

Our Autumn newsletter is now out .




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Posted by Tessa Farnsworth on
Hello Beautiful Blockhouse Bayers,
Great to read about all your activities and concerns and chuckle over CC's delusions of grandeur. (Ooops, sorry CC: I mean no disrespect.)
Congratulations, Lance -- one of the best newsletters so far. It must be down to the coolness of ingesting so many chicken-flavored pops! That was a good tip. I'll definitely make some for my little black Lab. He's looking forward to meeting you.

P.S. I was recommending BB Vets to a stranger at an off-leash dog park the other day, and they said, "Oh, yes -- a friend also told me they were really good." I thought you would like to know!
Posted by Amber Corney on
Hi everyone - and big congrats to Ashleigh on her new job!
It's so nice getting the newsletters emailed to me so I can read about how everything is going! Great piece on CC cat (meow meow), glad to hear she is still enjoying being her naughty self :-)
We're still enjoying life in Edinburgh. Going to do some travelling around Europe in June, then move to Southampton in July so Joe can work on yachts down there and I can get a transfer with my job.
Hope you're all well.
Amber xx
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