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March 01, 2015 at 4:53 PM

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Posted by bayvet on
Dear Radish,

Boy do I know what you are talking about with irrational behaviour!!! My Mother servant decided my gorgeous white Burman fur wasn’t quite up to her fussy standard and I had been grooming myself (as a Princess is want to do ) rather a lot. So, without even talking to me and asking me how I felt about myself, she decided all by herself to put me in that smart car she has, put the hood down and nearly blew my ears off as she takes me to visit your Mother. Normally I don’t mind, as your servants are quite biddable to me (might be something to do with the fact I’m supposed to be a good income earner for them) and I am quite partial to your Mother as she is kind of pint sized like me but sensible. In fact as little things go we’re remarkably similar tiny but gutsy but now oh no! She has decided I have an affliction and my Mother has become even more neurotic and unnaturally attached to me and takes me flying round the country every three weeks to have these hideous pricks in my neck plus that cold stuff right on the top of my head, talk about a bad hair day. Thank goodness they went on holiday so I had a week’s grace but while I certainly do not itch any more I still have not returned to my former beauty and have to put up being teased by my big brother whose fur I have to admit is splendiferous.

So take heart my friend and know you are not alone, when they are not getting you they’re onto me and I’m such a little gem of a Pearl girl, we should meet up.
Posted by Oscar Pirihi on
Hi Radish,

I have just read your article in the newsletter and find that you and I are in the same "boat". I just have to see that little "flea" thingy in my servant's hand and I'm off and don't even come home till it's dark and I'm hungry.
But next day gone and my other servant gangs up against me and while "she" holds me down in a headlock he "squirts"!!!
Oh well I suppose it's only once a month and worth it to not have any fleas, and I'm really pampered all the time.

With sympathy,
from Oscar
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